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Dear Entrant,

Thank you for entering the Witch Finder Trail on the 1st October 2023

With a little over a week to go until the Witch Finder Trail, please find below the final instructions for the day; in the highly likely event of me forgetting to include something important, please don’t hesitate to ask!

Please do take the time to read these instructions carefully and if you registered a group, please ensure all team members receive this information.

  • The race start time is 10:00

  • Please aim to arrive at Acorn Village, Clacton Road, Mistley, CO11 2NJ (map) at 08:30. This will allow enough time to collect your bib numbers, join in with the short briefing & warm-up at 09:30 and get to the start line. Please be aware, Acorn Village is a residential charity; residents & tenants may be around the site, which is their home.

  • Car parking will be available at Acorn Village on the front grass field (on your right as you enter) please follow the parking marshals instructions to ensure the parking goes smoothly. If you live locally, leave the car behind and walk up.

  • Please bring a full water bottle, for after the race. Water will be available, but we're trying to use as few single-use cups as possible and personal water bottles will definitely help with this.

  • Registration will be in the Oak Room (there will be marshals to point the way), here you will collect your bib number, _all_ registered entrants (including all group members) will receive a bib number, it should be worn on your front throughout the race. If you ordered a t-shirt, it will also be available here.

  • Bag drop- You are encouraged to bring only what you think is essential. As per the waiver, baggage will be left at your own risk, having said that, it is possible to leave bags at Acorn Village, if you need to. This will be in the Craft Centre, again, marshals will show you the way.

  • T-shirts - If you have pre-ordered a t-shirt these should be available to collect on the day. When you collect your bib number we'll remind you that you bought one and show you where to pick it up. If you haven't already bought one, but realise how amazing they look, you can purchase one on the day!

  • Marshals- Please listen to, and adhere to the instructions of our marshals, they are all volunteering their own time to ensure you have a safe, enjoyable event. Please be very nice to them :)

  • First Aid - Many of our marshals are first aid trained but in the event of a critical emergency please do not hesitate to call 999.

  • Start line The 5k race starts from the grass area at the top of Trinity road and the 10k on Green Lane, It takes a minimum of 5 minutes to walk to the start line. Please ensure you are on the correct side of New Road for your chosen distance, marshals will help with this.

  • The onsite coffee shop will be open for teas, coffees, bacon rolls & burgers along with delicious vegetarian options and cakes, please pop in and make the most of what's available.


The 5k route

This will be fully signed and have marshals at difficult points. The route markers are black arrows on yellow boards.

Marshal will be leading all entrants to the start area, your start line will be at the top of Trinity Road, the route heads down Trinity Road, please ensure you are at this start line as the 10k route goes a different way!

We do not have a road closure for South Street this year, please be extremely cautious on this section of the route. Marshals will be positioned on South Street near the bends and junctions, however, we all know how some motorists can be and extreme caution MUST be taken on this road section.

The High Street crossing will also have marshals to hold the traffic but it may be necessary to briefly hold runners/walkers to allow a build up of vehicles to clear. There is one more road crossing in Mistley, please cross after the Mistley Towers (as the road bends), for the best visibility in both directions.

As the route enters the trail phase, the first field can be a little wet/muddy, this is sometimes completely waterlogged at the start, but it is usually passable. There are two cow fields on the route, these are large fields and the cows are not always there. I've spoken to the cows and they've agreed a truce for the day.

There will be a water stop in Furze Hills just before entering the woods. Through the woods the trail will be marked with a combination of signs and sawdust, please look for, and follow, these markers, ensuring you turn right as the trail splits for the 10k/5k routes, there will be a clear sign on a tree at this point.

Heading up the grass hill, you will join Green Lane and see the finish area at Acorn Village on your left.

The 10k Route

This will be fully signed with marshals at the difficult road crossings. The route markers are black arrows on yellow boards, through the woods at Furze Hills the trail will also be marked with sawdust.

Marshal will be leading all entrants to the start area, your start line will be on Green Lane, and heads down Green Lane, please ensure you are at this start line as the 5k route goes a different way!

As you turn right off Green Lane into Furze Hills you will find a water stop, this is primarily for the 5k entrants as it will be approx. halfway for them. Use it if you need to, but as you're less than a mile in at this point it shouldn't be necessary.

For a short distance, the 5k & 10k routes follow the same path through the woods, shortly after 'Old Knobbley' they split and you should turn left as the trail splits for the 10k/5k routes, there will be a large sign indicating this. Continue on the trails, exiting the woods and eventually reaching a road crossing, where marshals will warn you of any traffic. The route crosses the road and back onto trails, the next fields can get very muddy after rain.

The footpath through Bradfield village switches sides, please remain safe and make the best use of the path.

After approx. 500m in Bradfield village, the route takes a right turn into a lane and horse fields , here you will find you mid-way (roughly) water stop, please be nice to Lucy who has kindly volunteered to host and run the water stop near her stables.

Heading back through Furze Hills woods you will, once again, join with the 5k route up the grass hill and on to Green lane, turning left at the end of Green Lane will bring you back to Acorn Village and the finish line, please follow all signs back into Acorn Village.

The finish area

  • This is in the Acorn Village main field, your time will be recorded as you cross the finish line and you will be presented with your medal. 10k finishers will have a pin badge on their medal ribbon, if yours hasn't, please just ask.

  • If for any reason you need to pull out part way through the race, PLEASE ensure you inform a marshal or call us to let us know. This is of the utmost importance as the race will not close until all starters are accounted for.

  • The bag drop will be in the Craft Centre, this will be sign-posted, anyone in a high-vis vest will be able to direct you. We cannot take any responsibility for items left, so please only bring what is essential for before / after the race.

  • Please be nice to our volunteers, They've all given their time freely and this event could not take place without them.

Above all, have fun and thank you so much for supporting your local charity, Acorn Village, it is a hugely deserving cause.

Finally, a big thank you to all our volunteers, organisers and sponsors; without their help & support, this event just could not have happened.

Our sponsors Essex & South Suffolk Community Rail Partnership, Concord Property ltd, Barn Farm Drinks, ACT Theatrical, Fairfields Farm and Mistley Parish Council have all been very generous and supportive, with their help, over 98% of the entrant fee is going directly to Acorn Village, find out more about Acorn Village at:


Every penny counts, help change lives with a donation!


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